Sonic Lost Universe is a Sonic game coming out July 29, 2014 for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. This game is supposed to serve as a sequel to Sonic Lost World.



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Wisp Power-Up FormsEdit

Wisp Color Description Color Power
Coming soon! Red Burst Red Burst is able to generate explosions by building energy within himself, destroying enemies in a large area, and leaping great vertical and/or horizontal distance. He can activate certain contraptions.
Red Burst
Coming soon! Violet Void Violet Void allows Sonic to suck up objects, rings, and enemies into his void and become correspondingly huge upon consuming a certain amount of objects. The larger he gets, the larger and easier objects he can consume. He can use fans to shift his ghostly bulk to float albeit slowly through midair.
Violet Void
Coming soon! Black Bomb Black Bomb can explode, by making himself detonate, and roll over foes at average speed. He can also regrow the fuse and detonate much faster, when Sonic grabs one more Black Wisp.
Black Bomb
Coming soon! Ivory Lightning Ivory Lightning can zap to nearby coils and move very quickly similar to an actual lightning bolt.
Ivory Lightning
Coming soon! Gray Quake Gray Quake can generate powerful waves similar to earthquakes to destroy objects.
Gray Quake
Coming soon! Crimson Eagle Crimson Eagle can soar through the air and perform a Light Speed Dash.
Crimson Eagle
Coming soon! Cyan Laser Cyan Laser allows Sonic to ricochet off walls and enemies (destroying them) and through special prisms and optical cables at immense speed.
Cyan Laser
Coming soon! Orange Rocket Orange Rocket can gain massive vertical distance in a straight trajectory and destroy narly anything above him. Once he reverts to normal, he can slowly float back down to terra-firma.
Orange Rocket

Power-Up FormsEdit



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