Hedgehog Dude and Turbo: Worlds Collide is an upcoming game for the Nintendo 3DS, Xbox One, Play Station 4, (slim) PS Vita and Wii U. It'll be released December 22, 2014 (the Classic PS Vita version has the worst graphics, and the 3DS graphics are improved).


Gameplay has better graphics in all versions, except PS Vita (the classic version), instead of improving the graphics get worse.


The controls are simple. The Wii U version introduces the right control stick for the first, it can be used to spin around and attack enemies. The 3DS features the A button, that can be used to Spin Dash and increase speed. 

Hedgehog Dude's Power-UpsEdit

Item Name Description Result Weakness
Run high speed across the forest. Eco Hedgehog Dude Eco Hedgehog Dude can manipulate plant life and can control planet enemies into doing his bidding, such as killing themselves attacking other enemies and more.
Eco Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Fire Hedgehog Dude Fire Hedgehog Dude can shoot fireballs and walk on lava, he can also convert ice to lava and breath fire. He can also create things out of fire but don't last very long.
Fire Hedgehog Dude
'Coming soon! Ice Hedgehog Dude Ice Hedgehog Dude can shoot iceballs, contact freeze, breath ice, and skate on water, lava, and ice. He can also create icebergs and make anything out of ice.
Ice Hedgehog Dude

Ice Hedgehog Dude

Coming soon! Night Vision Hedgehog Dude Night Vision Hedgehog Dude can slightly float and rise into highness for a short time and shoot small, shadow-like energy spheres as projectiles. He can also see in the dark and at night better.
Night Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Hyper Hedgehog Dude

Hyper Hedgehog​ Dude is used at the end of the game, to defeat Doctor Eggman and Doomsday in the last level, Battle for Mobius and Starlight City. Since Hyper Hedgehog Dude is an upgraded version of the Super form, it can be assumed his abilities surpass that of HD's Super form, meaning he has greater strength and further increased speed. He can also hold his breathe longer in water (aside from having the ability to breathe underwater in his regular form), has invincibility to all attacks and environments), he can also do a an unnamed speed attack that deals major damage to one boss, destroying half of their health and destroying all enemies on screen.

Hyper Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Polar Hedgehog Dude Polar Hedgehog Dude can manipulate water and ice and bend water and ice around. He can also stun any ice enemies for a short time, making it easier to defeat them or manipulate them, throwing them away or controlling them.
Polar Hedgehog Dude
Tropical climates
Coming soon! Solar Hedgehog Dude Solar Hedgehog Dude can manipulate fire and lava and bend the fire and lava he wields around. He can also, like his brother forms can also stun fire enemies, making it easier to defeat them or he can manipulate them, throw them away, or control them.
Solar Hedgehog Dude
Polar climates
Coming soon! Cloud Hedgehog Dude Cloud Hedgehog Dude can make cloud platforms and step over them. Cloud Hedgehog Dude can make at least 7 before running out, he can go into water to refill his cloud meter.
Cloud Hedgehog Dude
Fire, hot surfaces; (-Volcano?)
Coming soon! Dark Star Hedgehog Dude Dark Star Hedgehog Dude is Hedgehog Dude completely losing his sanity and turning dark-hearted. The player can choose to play as him to Eggman's robot, Mean Machine. He can shoot dark blasts and fly through solid objects "without even trying", he has more abilities, but are unnamed and unknown…for now.
Dark Star Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Frog Hedgehog Dude Frog Hedgehog Dude leaps along the ground instead of running, and jump 4 times as high as Hedgehog Dude in his normal form. He swims better than any other form. He also doesn't speak, he can, but rather communicates by sticking out his tongue, grunting, or making random noises. He also glares behind himself creepily.
Frog Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Lightning Hedgehog Dude He can move around at lightning speed, with enough force to penetrate or electrocute any robot armor possessed by Doctor Eggman's robots. He can also make lightning from his arms, that are now made of wires, and use speed to attract nearby rings and other things. He can also manipulate electricity and form treads of electricity to either electrocute enemies or connect himself to nearby or far-away coils.
Lightning Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Sand Hedgehog Dude Sand Hedgehog Dude can turn into twister or whirlwind, if he spins. Spinning again makes Hedgehog Dude turn back into his sandy form. Hedgehog Dude can also merge into a pile of sand by ducking. He can also walk on quicksand and will loose the transformation if he steps in water.
Sand Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Rainbow Hedgehog Dude Rainbow Hedgehog Dude can shoot rsainbow blasts, increase speed, run better, and is invincible to all attacks and environments. He can leave rainbow paths and destroy all enemies by ramming into them.
Rainbow Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Raccoon Hedgehog Dude Raccoon Hedgehog Dude can climb up trees and spin his tail to defeat enemies. He can also hover for a short time and is also mostly out at night.
Coming soon! Quake Hedgehog Dude As Quake Hedgehog Dude, Hedgehog Dude's body density is greatly increased, making him extremely heavy. By jumping or falling down to the ground, Hedgehog Dude and his immense weight can generate powerful and destructive shockwaves across the area that are powerful enough to tear apart Doctor Eggman's robots and break down the environment. Quake Hedgehog Dude posses wall crawling abilities, allowing him to scale walls and ceilings despite his weight intensity in this form. He can also pick up gray boulders and throw them.
Quake Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Bomb Hedgehog Dude Bomb Hedgehog Dude essentially becomes a living bomb, allowing him to enduce widespread explosions, powerful enough to blow apart the armor of Doctor Eggman's robots, by making himself detonate, he can do this without harming himself. He can also create his own bombs out of thin air and throw them.
Bomb Hedgehog Dude

The F.A.S.T. Team's Power-UpsEdit

Item Name Description Result Weakness
Coming soon! Fire Turbo Fire Turbo can shoot fire from his eyes to burn some substances and enemies.
Fire Turbo
Coming soon! Ice Turbo Ice Turbo can shoot ice from his eyes to freeze most substances and enemies.
Ice Turbo
Coming soon! Gold Silver Turbo Gold Silver Turbo becomes gold-silver and becomes invincible. He can also do moves like Golden Touch, Gold Dust, and more. This transformation is extremely rare.
Gold Silver Turbo
Lightning Tomato Lightning Turbo Lightning Turbo can produce lightning with his spoiler fins and shoot balls of electricity from his eyes or spoiler fins. He can also also paralyze stronger enemies or stun even stronger enemies. Lightning Turbo can also move faster, as fast as lightning.
TurboFastTURBO 1386604959
His weaknesses are all thunder enemies, and all things that are associated with thunder.
Hyper Tomato Hyper Turbo Hyper Turbo can run 8 times as fast as his normal form and is invincible. He can increase his speed and jump 4 times as high. He can also shoot lasers from the pink part of his eyes.
Hyper Turbo is immune to salt in his Hyper form.
Coming soon! Salt Turbo Salt Turbo has complete salt immunity and beam salt from his eyes. He also has the ability to melt salt with his Turbo Salt. Coming soon! Sugar
Coming soon! Sugar Turbo Sugar Turbo has complete immunity to any Sugar enemies and anything associated with sugar, he can beam sugars from his eyes and freeze up sugar with his Turbo Sugar. Coming soon! Salt
Cloud Tomato Cloud Turbo Cloud Turbo can create cloud platforms. He can make 3 before running out and going into water to refill his meter.
Salt water
Rainbow Tomato Rainbow Turbo Rainbow Turbo is invincible, he can break objects, he can increase his speed and/or jump power, jump higher and longer.
Raccoon Tomato Raccoon Turbo Raccoon Turbo can glide across the sky, hover for a short time, and increase the length of his spoiler fins to hit enemies.
Bomb Tomato Bomb Turbo Bomb Turbo can throw bombs with his spoiler fins and detonate with his fuse. Bomb Turbo is able to do this without harming anything, blowing up enemies on the spot. Coming soon!!! Coming soon!!!
Quake Tomato Quake Turbo Quake Turbo can jump and land to create powerful earthquakes that make rings, Tomato Yums, and Tomatoes fall and destroy all enemies on-screen. Since, it increases Turbo's weight, it is temporary. Coming soon!!! Coming soon!!!