Hedgehog Dude Unleashed: Fear the Beast is an upcoming game that will be released November 18, 2014 for the Wii U, PlayStation 4, XBOX Live, and 3DS. The game features no improved gameplay, which is pretty much a down side to fans.



Wii U versionEdit

PlayStation 4 versionEdit

Xbox One versionEdit

Nintendo 3DS versionEdit

The Nintendo 3DS version has 2d gameplay with 2d platforms. It has sprites never used for the first time. However, the graphics show Hedgehog Dude blue instead of dark blue because of some difficulties. Werehog gameplay has sprites of blue stratches and other marks that Werehog Hedgehog Dude emits from his hits. The sprites are clear in 3DS gameplay. 

Power-Up FormsEdit

Item Name Description Result
At night Werehog Hedgehog Dude Werehog Hedgehog Dude is now stronger, allowing him to open sealed doors and entrances, effortlessly pick up, throw, and swing larger enemies and objects, destroy metal vaults with one hit and even topple creatures seven times his size. He is able to stretch his arms over long distances in a instant. He, however, can only grab objects and grab enemies and slam them into his front.
Werehog Hedgehog Dude
Forests Timberwerehog Hedgehog Dude Timberwerehog Hedgehog Dude can run long distances at high speeds, if running towards enemies, it allows him to charge up an attack strong enough to pierce through enemies at least 5 times his size, but can stun larger enemies 6 or more times his size. He can scale trees well and land to create a landslide down hills, but moves much faster. He can also slash with his sharp claws.
Timbewerehog Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Super Hedgehog Dude He can fly and is much faster. He is also almost nearly invincible. He is very powerful and can defeat fearsome monsters, titanic robots, and even beings that are considered deities. He is virtually invulnerable to all harm, his trademark speed is increased greatly, nearing what may be after the speed of light (as he could fly across 3 universes in 25 microseconds, not in game).
Super Hedgehog Dude