Hedgehog Dude Lost World: Return of the Deadly Six is an upcoming game that will be published December 25, 2014. This game features new wisp froms and even better Wii U and 3DS gameplay. 


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Wii U versionEdit

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Deadly SevenEdit



Wisp Color Description Result
Coming soon! Bomb Hedgehog Dude (Wii U exclusive) Bomb Hedgehog Dude can induce widespread explosiosn, powerful enough to blow apart the armor of Doctor Eggman's robots, by making himself detonate, and can do so without harming himself. 
Bomb Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Asteroid Hedgehog Dude (Wii U and 3DS exclusive) Asteroid Hedgehog Dude looks like a planet with a strong gravitational shield , allowing him to create a gravitational pull around himself, strong enough to tear objects and even Doctor Eggman's robots to pieces. With the gravitational pull in this form, Hedgehog Dude can as well pick the resulting rubble created by this form off the ground through his gravity, and pull it into the Asteroid Ring around him. Hedgehog Dude can use the has from the rubble to increase the strength of his gravitational pull in this form, allowing him to pull objects even further away. He can also move through midair. 
Asteroid Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Burst Hedgehog Dude (3DS exclusive) More information at Hedgehog Dude Colors 2: Wisps Return
Burst Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Drill Hedgehog Dude (Wii U and 3DS exclusive) More information at Hedgehog Dude Colors 2: Wisps Return!
Drill Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Eagle Hedgehog Dude (Wii U exclusive) Hedgehog Dude can utilize his wings to active flight and soar through the air for a limited amount of time. He can also use his Light Speed Dash to collect rings from afar and can collect rings similar to the Light Speed Dash. He can also attack by doing a Light Speed Attack in the air.
Eagle Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Hover Hedgehog Dude (Wii U exclusive) More information at Hedgehog Dude Colors 2: Wisps Return!
Hover Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Laser Hedgehog Dude (Wii U and 3DS exclusive) More information at Hedgehog Dude Colors 2: Wisps Return!
Laser Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Lightning Hedgehog Dude (3DS exclusive) Lightning Hedgehog Dude gains nearly the exact same properties of a real lightning bolt, allowing him to move around as a living bolt of electricity at lightning speed, with enough force to electrocute or penetrate the armor possessed by Doctor Eggman's robots, and can also attract nearby rings. He also gains electrokinetic abilities as to manipulate electricity. Hedgehog Dude can also form treads of electricity that he can use to either electrocute enemies or connect himself to nearby or far away coils.
Lightning Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Quake Hedgehog Dude (3DS exclusive) Quake Hedgehog Dude's body density is greatly increased. By jumping or falling down on the ground, Hedgehog Dude can use his immense weight to generate powerful and destructive shockwaves across the area that are powerful enough to tear apart Eggman's robots and break down the environment. He can also scale walls, despite his weight intensity in this form.
Quake Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Rhythm Hedgehog Dude (Wii U exclusive) Rhythm Hedgehog Dude is able to bounce around into the air and while in mid-air, allowing him to move through midair with semi-flight. He can also flip upside in midair and when he fully lands on the ground and collect musical notes in mid-air as he moves around. He can also make music and has headphones to produce hearing.
Rhythm Hedgehog Dude