Hedgehog Dude Galaxy is a upcoming game that will be released Nivember 15, 2014 for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. This game is supposed to serve as the first intallment of the Hedgehog Dude Galaxy part of the Hedgehog Dude series. This game may be scheduled for other platforms likely.


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Power-Up FormsEdit

Item Name Description Result Weakness
Coming soon! Boo Hedgehog Dude Boo Hedgehog Dude can levitate. He can attract Ghosts (if he approaches one, they will seemingly fall in love with him and chase him) and use them for various purposes. He can also understand the language of ghosts. He can also turn invisible and pass through walls.
Boo Hedgehog Dude
Light, Water
Coming soon! Cloud Hedgehog Dude Cloud Hedgehog Dude can make cloud platforms and use them for transportation on some occasions. He can make at least 7 before running out of them. He can grab another Cloud Ring or get into water to refill his cloud meter.
Cloud Hedgehog Dude
Fire, hot surfaces, -lava?
Coming soon! Ice Hedgehog Dude Ice Hedgehog Dude can freeze water and lava when he touches it into a hexagonal platform, which melts after a period of time if left unoccupied, he can walk and skate across vast distances of lava and water with much ease and safety. Ie Hedgehog Dude can also freeze water sprouts and waterfalls, which usually grant him passage to higher areas. He is also immune to fire attacks and torches.
Ice Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Spring Hedgehog Dude Spring Hedgehog Dude can jump very high, higher than even Lightning Dude, but is now no longer able to run. Instead, he simply bounces around the stage. He is able to bounce very high to reach power-ups or items hidden in the air. He can also climb very steep inclines in a slinky-like fashions. Movement is difficult in this form. he can also Ground Pound in this form.
Spring Hedgehog Dude
Wasp Googles
Wasp Hedgehog Dude Wasp Hedgehog Dude grows a stinger and wings, which allow Hedgehog Dude to sting and take flight in a similar manner to a Wasp and for a short time (and reducing Hedgehog Dude's jumping abilities.) Hedgehog Dude is also able to climb honeycombs and walk on flower petals and clouds.
Wasp Hedgehog Dude