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Bonus Stages (3DS version)Edit

Simulation Party Stages (Wii U version)Edit

Power-Up FormsEdit

Item Name Description Result Weakness (es)
Coming soon! Burst Hedgehog Dude Burst Hedgehog Dude can create a shield of flames around him that will burn everything it comes into contact, as if he were a living fireball. He can also create explosions of fire by making himself combust into flames without harming himself, allowing him to shoot himself very high into the air. He is also able to build up charges of combustion, allowing Hedgehog Dude to not only shoot himself in the air, but also trigger large-scale and powerful explosions of fire that destroys nearly everything within its range. This form appears in the 3DS version.
Burst Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Cube Hedgehog Dude Cube Hedgehog Dude can send out powerful shockwaves across the entire nearby vicinity by slamming himself straight into the ground, with the shockwaves having different effects on the objects in the area. Should there be hostile enemies and troublesome obstacles within the Blue Cube's range, Cube HD's shockwaves will damage all said enemies and obstacles in the same instant, they are launched. Should there be Blue Rings or Blue Blocks within HD's range, HD's shockwaves will turn Blue Rings into Blue Blocks and vice versa. This is exclusive for the Wii U version.
Cube Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Drill Hedgehog Dude Drill Hedgehog Dude can use his face as a drill to quickly drill through soft dirt, allowing him to burrow and tunneling underground at remarkably high speeds, and can accelerate underground to tunnel even faster. Additionally, his face can be used to drill through enemies and has proven to have enough power to drill through the armor of every one of Doctor Eggman's inventions and reinforced that Hedgehog Dude cannot break (his color, therefore strength is gone). However, it is not strong enough to break down bedrock and metal. His abilities to burrow underground can also apply when underwater. This exclusive for the Wii U and 3DS versions.
Drill Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Frenzy Hedgehog Dude Frenzy Hedgehog Dude gains a powerful jaw that allows him to chew through any armor possessed by Doctor Eggman's robots and other extremely durable objects that Hedgehog Dude can't normally break without his strength intensity, with just one bite. He is able to consume any of the matter he bites off and add the consumed matter to his own mass, allowing Hedgehog Dude to grow larger after each consumption, until he reaches maximum size, which is about 3.5 times his original size. This is exclusive for the Wii U version.
Frenzy Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Hover Hedgehog Dude Hover Hedgehog Dude gains the power of levitation, allowing him to fly leisurely through midair and reach higher areas. He is also able to perform, a Ring Dash, that allows him to travel along a trail of rings at high speed. This is exclusive for the Wii U version.
Hover Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Laser Hedgehog Dude Laser Hedgehog Dude gains the exact same properties as that of a real laser, allowing him to shoot himself as a living beam of energy at lightning speed, both along the ground and in midair, with enough force to penetrate any kind of robot armor possessed by Doctor Eggman's robots. When shooting himself in the air, Hedgehog Dude is able to bounce off any obstacle/reflective surfaces he may collide with to control his direction. He can let himself get redirected by transparent objects with glass-like properties and travel through cables as a destructive mass of energy. This is exclusive to the Wii U and 3DS versions.
Laser Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Rocket Hedgehog Dude Rocket Hedgehog Dude can create charges of powerful jet propulsion from his back, allowing him to launch himself straight into the air and reach unparalleled heights at staggering speeds. The propulsion allow Hedgehog Dude to create powerful bursts when moving upward. This is exclusive for the Wii U and 3DS versions.
Rocket Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Spikes Hedgehog Dude Spikes Hedgehog Dude gains extra long, razor sharp, and extremely durable spikes on his entire body that can easily penetrate any substance and even destroy reinforced crates that the colorless Hedgehog Dude cannot destroy on his own. By inserting these spikes into the surface when rolling around, Hedgehog Dude can stick perfectly firm to any surface, allowing him to climb up walls and stick to ceilings as if he were positioned on the ground. HD's spikes are used rather offensively by using them to pierce or penetrate opponents. He can easily tear apart the metal material Doctor Eggman's robots are made of by simply making contact with them. Due to the durable spikes, Hedgehog Dude can augment a Super Peel-Out, but much powerful than normal. This is exclusive for the Wii U version.
Spikes Hedgehg Dude
Coming soon! Void Hedgehog Dude Void Hedgehog Dude acts as if he were a black hole, granting him the ability to draw objects into himself from a distance and seemingly making them vanish into a void within himself that destroys them. However, if the object is too heavy or too big, Hedgehog Dude cannot draw it into himself. Due to some parts of his body being made of a smoke-like substance, Hedgehog Dude is granted intangibility, allowing him to pass through some obstacles, like moving fans unharmed. Hedgehog Dude is also now capable of flight, allowing him to move through midair. He is able to add the mass of objects he draws into himself into his own, allowing him to grow larger, until he reaches the maximum size, which is 3 times as big as his original size. When he increases size, he can draw objects that are too big or heavy into himself from increasingly greater distances. He can even draw in enemies the size of Frigate Skullian from Sonic Colors. This is exclusive for the 3DS version.
Void Hedgehog Dude