Hedgehog Dude Adventure 3 is a game that will be released June 30, 2013. This game will be platformed for the PS4, XBOX ONE, Wii U, and 3DS. Hedgehog Dude Adventure 3 is supposed to serve as a sequel to the game, Hedgehog Dude Adventure 2. This game features Wii U gameplay grahics on each platform.





Power-Up FormsEdit

Item Name Description Result Weakness
Coming soon! Blue Shell Hedgehog Dude Blue Shell Hedgehog Dude can swim faster, duck into six different shells to dodge attacks, it, however, can not dodge explosions, spikes,  hammers, boomerangs, or sledgehammers. He can jump, but the shells make it almost impossible to perform a Double Jump, because a player must do so by running before Hedgehog Dude can do his shell dash.  He can also slide through enemies.
Blue Shell Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Fire Hedgehog Dude Fire Hedgehog Dude can throw fireballs, has fire breath, and the enemies he throws fireballs at will turn into Rings. Fire Hedgehog Dude can also burn ice down and make cold water hot.
Fire Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Hammer Hedgehog Dude Hammer Hedgehog Dude can throw his hammer like a boomerang to hit enemies, he can also duck into his shell to resist most attacks by enemies, even bosses. Hammer Hdgehog Dude has an infinite supply of hammers to throw.
Hammer Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Ice Hedgehog Dude Ice Hedgehog Dude can shoot iceballs, skate on water and lava, and freeze enemies on contact. Ice Hedgehog Dude also has ice breath.
Ice Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Penguin Hedgehog Dude Penguin Hedgehog Dude can throw ice balls at enemies and freeze them. He also gains a good traction on ice, which stops him from slipping. He can slide on ice at great speed, defeating enemies and destroying brick blocks, allowing him to access hidden areas. With a running start, he can slide on the surface of water, he also can swim a lot bette run this form, with much more accuracy and precision.
Penguin Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Raccoon Hedgehog Dude Raccoon Hedgehog Dude can slowly float down when falling, using his tail. He can also attack enemies by spinning his tail. He can also fly into the air, if Hedgehog Dude gets a running start and then jumps.
Raccoon Hedgehog Dude