Hedgehog Dude: A Whole New Adventure is an upcoming game that will be released December 24, 2014. This game will be platformed for the Wii U and 3DS. The demo version is released for all other platforms. The 3DS version has Wii graphics one again and no sprites. The game is also possible have wisps in it.


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Wii U versionEdit

Nintendo 3DS versionEdit


The demo version of the game has 25 uses and has 1 world available, with no wisps (there actually found wisps in this world, but not available in the demo).  The demo lasts infintely for all platforms except the Wii U and 3DS, these other platforms have infinte uses and lasts infinitely.


Playable charactersEdit

Non-playble charactersEdit

Animal friendsEdit

Deadly SixEdit



Wisp Color Description Color Power
Black Wisp
Black Landslide (Wii U exclusive) As Black Landslide, Hedgehog Dude can create landslides down hills/downwards after landing on the ground when jumping. He can also create powerful winds that blow objects away a certain distance.
Black Landslide
Brown Wisp
Brown Gravity (Wii U and 3DS exclusive) Brown Gravity can levitate into the air, despite the heavy gravity that even Hedgehog Dude can't handle. He can also increase by coming across useful objects to do a Light Speed Dash. He can also use a Light Speed Attack to destroy enemies in his way.
Brown Gravity
Crimson Wisp
Crimson Volcano (Wii U exclusive) Crimson Volcano acts a real volcano, erupting (shooting out exploding rings and exploding fireballs) from his back. He can also erupt lava if he has no collected rings to fight off Batts' volcanoes.
Crimson Volcano
Ice Wisp
Ice Frost (Wii U exclusive) Ice Frost can shoot out ice from his skies and spin around and do a Light Spin Dash. He can also move around at high speeds and connect himself to ice floors, walls, and ceilings.
Ice Frost
Maroon Wisp
Maroon Typhoon (Wii U and 3DS version) Maroon Typhoon can cause powerful typhoons that produce strong winds that destroy enemies and cut powerlines. The typhoons can also cause electric circuit leakage and landslides in some areas. Basically, the typhoons cause a lot of chaos.
Maroon Typhoon
Cerise Wisp
Cerise Comet (3DS version exclusive) As Cerise Comet, Hedgehog Dude can shoot downwards in any direction at rapid speeds similar to an actual comet, but faster and can be controlled horizontally. If Cerise Comet hits a metal tube, he will fly along it in a set direction and shoot out of the end. If he hits the regular ground, the color power easily dissipates.
Comet Comet
Navy Wisp
Navy Liquid (3DS version exclusive) Navy Liquid turns Hedgehog Dude into a living liquid, allowing him to slip through cracks and give enemies the slip. Hedgehog Dude can also dash across shallow and deep water really fast. Navy Liquid also takes the form of a shark when underwater. He can rocket across other liquids at a great speed.
Navy Liquid
Scarlet Wisp
Scarlet Meteor (Wii U and 3DS version exclusive) Scarlet Meteor shoots downwards like a meteor, but is faster and can also shoot upwards (but slower than downwards). It can burn everything in 15-feet radius and can change direction if it feels anything making it hard to control. 
Scarlet Meteor
Shadow Wisp
Shadow Cloud (3DS version exclusive) Shadow Cloud turns into a cloud that moves around to confuse enemies. The cloud can also turn invisible to float through objects, walls, enemies, and even bosses. The cloud can also produce rain to shorten the circuits of Batts' robot associates.
Shadow Cloud
Silver Wisp
Silver Storm (Wii U and 3DS version) Silver Storm takes the form of a storm cloud that can cause storms and produce lightning from the bottom to shock enemies and add to the user's score. It can zap to weak objects to break them down.
Silver Storm
Beige Wisp
Beige Desert (Wii U exclusive) Hedgehog Dude becomes desert colored and can blend into the sand of the desert. He can move at rapid speeds, but doesn't move a lot unless he charges at enemies, he can also create quicksand spots. It is very difficult to get very far with it.
Beige Desert
Gold Wisp
Gold Torpedo (Wii U and 3DS version exclusive) Gold Torpedo allows Hedgehog Dude to shoot himself through water to blow up enemies underwater. If used on land, he can shoot himself alot faster and if he hits a tube he will be shot alng it and shoot out the end. This also applies underwater. He can also shoot himself in the air into burst tubes that he will be shot along them in a set direction and shot out the final one. He can also shoot himself in any direction to blow up land and sea enemies, he will also be able to break down rocks and other breakable objects if he shoots himself into it.
Gold Torpedo
Sky Blue Wisp
Sky Blue Tornado (Wii and 3DS version exclusive) Sky Blue Tornado can create extremely powerful tornadoes that will clear away objects and enemies and also collect rings and useful objects needed along the way. It can move at high speeds and increase wind speed to clear away even bigger enemies and bosses.
Sky Blue Tornado
Turquoise Wisp
Turquoise Crystal (3DS version) Turquoise Crystal can shoot average-sized crystals around to hit enemies and is a huge crystal himself. He can create zigzag, criss-cross, or straight-style crystal tracks that destroy all objects or enemies stand on it and can move straight through enemies without being harmed.
Turquoise Crystal
Raspberry Wisp
Raspberry Speed (Wii U and 3DS version) Raspberry Speed allows Hedgehog Dude to zoom through platforms at rapid speeds, that can scale walls and ceilings and charge up speed to go even faster after every charge. This can also attract nearby collectible objects and destroy enemies by touching them.
Raspberry Speed
Apricot Wisp
Peach Dry (3DS version) Peach Dry can create quicksand spots that can drown in enemies and even bosses. Hedgehog Dude can also shoot himself up and/or move up pyramids and walls. He can also move through sands at rapid speeds and move along hidden sand tubes found in sands as he can also burry himself in his own quicksand spots. He can still do a something similar to a Homing Attack called, the Homing Quicksand Attack.
Apricot Dry

Power-Up FormsEdit

Item Name Description Result
Coming soon! Cosmic Hedgehog Dude Cosmic Hedgehog Dude wields a space suit that helps him breathe and float through space to get from planet-to-planet. Cosmic Hedgehog Dude can also use his laser gun (not shown) to blast objects and enemies. This doesn't work on gold pots and bricks.
Cosmic Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Dark Star Hedgehog Dude Dark Star Hedgehog Dude can shoot dark blasts that can destroy enemies and make other bad things happen with whatever they hit. He can slash down things with his claws. He can also do a Dark Spin Dash, which destroys even bigger enemies and deals major damage to bosses.
Dark Star Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Demon Hedgehog Dude Demon Hedgehog Dude can fly with his wings and increase his speed through red and black rings and do a Light Speed Attack. This all that has come out so far.
Demon Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Dimensional Hedgehog Dude Dimensional Hedgehog Dude can control time and space, fly to other galaxy and dimensions. Hedgehog Dude now has the ability to control dimensions and control the time in every dimension and defeat any known thing in the universe and any other dimension.
Dimensional Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Dragon Hedgehog Dude Dragon Hedgehog Dude can breathe fire and fly with his tail. He also can use his body to go through sealed doors and entrances
Dragon Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Metal Hedgehog Dude Metal Hedgehog Dude can slide across the arrow compactors to go into a metal optical cable to burst out into high air at high speeds, he is also virtually invincible (except from a long fall), he can destroy just by coming near them, he can also run faster underwater, and does not need to breathe.
Metal Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Ninja Hedgehog Dude Ninja hedgehog Dude can slash enemies apart with his sword, and understand Chinese reading on some signs, he also can throw shirukens (throwing stars) into enemies to defeat them and stun bosses.
Ninja Hedgehog Dude
Coming soon! Sand Hedgehog Dude Sand Hedgehog Dude can create powerful tornadoes by spinning to blow away objects and enemies and move the tornado at high speeds, when he is done spinning, he will become his normal look again. He can also merge into a pile of sand by ducking.
Sand Hedgehog Dude