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Hedgehog Dude's Baseball Party Zone is a game that was released on May 15, 2015, for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and PS3 and PS4.  It features 3D gameplay.


Speed CaptainsEdit

Character Name Bio Stats Other Information
Sonic the Hedgehog

Speed: 8/10

Power: 5/10

Pitch: 8/10

All-Around: 8/10

Strengths: Bunting, Speed, Outfielding, Pitching, Infielding

Weakness: Power Hitting, Catching,

Jet the Hawk​

Speed: 8/10

Power: 7/10

Pitch: 7/10

All-Around: 7/10

Strengths: Contact Hitting, Infielding, Outfielding,
Lightning Dude

Speed: 8/10

Power: 9/10

Pitch: 3/10

All-Around: 8/10

SIlver the Hedgehog

Speed: 7/10

Power: 8/10

Pitch: 6/10

All-Around: 7/10

Shadow the Hedgehog

Speed: 7/10

Power: 7/10

Pitch: 7/10

All-Around: 7/10

Ratchet the AssaultBot                                                                     

Speed: 8/10

Power: 8/10

Pitch: 5/10

All-Around: 8/10



There are a total of 9 players on each team (1 captain, 1 sub-captain, 1 team player, and 6 alternate team players).

Players on Psychic StrikersEdit

  1. Silver the Hedgehog (Captain)
  1.  Jawbreaker the Cat (Sub-Captain)

 Rex the Squirrel (Team Player)

  1. PS Bot-1 (Alternate Team Player)
  1.  PS Bot-2 (Alternate Team Player)

 PS Bot-3 (Alternate Team Player)

 PS Bot-4 (Alternate Team Player)

 PS Bot-5 (Alternate Team Player)

 PS Bot-6 (Alternate Team Player) 

===Players on Shadow's Darksiders​   ===

  1.  Shadow the Hedgehog (Captain)
  2. Rouge the Bat (Sub-Captain)
  3.  E-123 Omega (Team Player)
  4.  SD Bot-1 (Alternate Team Player)
  5.  SD Bot-2 (Alternate Team Player)
  6.  SD Bot-3 (Alternate Team Player)
  7.  SD Bot-4 (Alternate Team Player)
  8.  SD Bot-5 (Alternate Team Player)
  9.  SD Bot-6 (Alternate Team Player)

Players on Sonic SpeedersEdit

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog (Captain)
  2. Miles "Tails" Prower (Sub-Captain)
  3. Knuckles the Echidna (Team Player)
  4. SS Bot-1 (Alternate Team Player)
  5. SS Bot-2 (Alternate Team Player)
  6. SS Bot-3 (Alternate Team Player)
  7. SS Bot-4 (Alternate Team Player)
  8. SS Bot-5 (Alternate Team Player)
  9. SS Bot-6 (Alternate Team Player)

Players​ on Amy's RosesEdit

  1. Amy Rose (Captain)
  1. Cream the Rabbit (Sub-Captain)
  1. Blaze the Cat (Team Player)
  1. AR Bot-1 (Alternate Team Player)
  1. AR Bot-2 (Alternate Team Player)
  1. AR Bot-3 (Alternate Team Player)
  1. AR Bot-4 (Alternate Team Player)
  1. AR Bot-5 (Alternate Team Player)
  1. AR Bot-6 (Alternate Team Player)

Players on the Babylon RoguesEdit

  1. Jet the Hawk (Captain)
  2. Wave the Swallow (Sub-Captain)
  3. Storm the Albatross (Team Player)
  4. BR Bot-1 (Alternate Team Player)
  5. BR Bot-2 (Alternate Team Player)
  6. BR Bot-3 (Alternate Team Player)
  7. BR Bot-4 (Alternate Team Player)
  8. BR Bot-5 (Alternate Team Player)
  9. BR Bot-6 (Alternate Team Player)

Players​ on Lightning BoltsEdit

  1. Lightning Dude (Captain)
  2. Hedgehog Dude (Sub-Captain)
  3. Jawbreaker the Hedgehog (Team Player)
  4. LB Bot-1 (Alternate Team Player)
  5. LB Bot-2 (Alternate Team Player)
  6. LB Bot-3 (Alternate Team Player)
  7. LB Bot-4 (Alternate Team Player)
  8. LB Bot-5 (Alternate Team Player)
  9. LB Bot-6 (Alternate Team Player)
  • Eggman's Assaultors

Players​ on Eggman's AssaultorsEdit

  1. Ratchet the AssaultBot (Captain)
  2. Hatchet the AssaultBot (Sub-Captain)
  3. Latchet the AssaultBot (Team Player)
  4. Gizmo the AssaultBot (Alternate Team Player)
  5. EA Bot-1 (Alternate Team Player)
  6. EA Bot-2 (Alternate Team Player)
  7. EA Bot-3 (Alternate Team Player)
  8. EA Bot-4 (Alternate Team Player)
  9. EA Bot-5 (Alternate Team Player)
  • Chaotix Crushers

Players on Chaotix CrushersEdit

  1. Espio the Chameleon (Captain)
  2. Vector the Crocodile (Sub-Captain)
  3. Charmy Bee (Team Player)​​
  4. CC Bot-1 (Alternate Team Player)    
  5. CC Bot-2 (Alternate Team Player)
  6. CC Bot-3 (Alternate Team Player)
  7. CC Bot-4 (Alternate Team Player)
  8. CC Bot-5 (Alternate Team Player)
  9. CC Bot-6 (Alternate Team Player)
  • Assassins from Oblivion

Players on Assassins from OblivionEdit

Coming soon!​'



Chemistry is a feature in Baseball Party Zone that is based on the feature in Mario Superstar Baseball. Player chemistry emphasizes the relationships between characters. When forming a team, the relationship status between the captain and their teammates affects the number of power stars the team starts with. Additionally, in the game, good chemistry occurs with two friends. When a player throws a ball to their "buddy", the ball travels faster than a normal throw would. Additionally, a player hits better when one of their friends are on base. Examples are Sonic and Tails, or Silver and Jawbreaker the Cat. Good chemistry is symbolized by a musical note.

Bad chemistry occurs conversely. When a character throws a ball to a character he or she dislikes, the ball travels more slowly and is sometimes out of line. Bad chemistry is symbolized when a small zigzag line appears next to the players. Examples of bad chemistry mainly include characters like Silver and Rex, and Sonic and Knuckles. However, bad chemistry only occurs when the characters are fielding.

Special SkillEdit

Star Skill is another feature in the game. They can occur during pitching and batting. Any character can use these, but with team captains, a logo and special animation appear. Also, minor characters' special skills are not named, while the team captains' are. When two captains are on the same team in in story mode, their special skills are usually alike. The amount of Star Skills that can be used is represented by 5 Team Stars in a meter. The amount of starting Team Special Skills depend on the chance of the chosen team winning the game.

When a Special Chance occours, if the team that is batting gets a hit, they get a skill. If the pitcher gets an out, than his or her team gets a skill added to the meter.


Exhibition mode is a standard one or two player game of baseball. Players fill out a roster and play a game. There are six different, unique stadiums in which players can choose to play in. The player, before playing in a stadium, can adjust options such as number of innings, mercy, which player bats first, and turning Special Skills on and off. Players can also adjust field settings, running, drop spots, and batting cursors.


  1. Blaze's Mall: A department store named after Blaze. There is a merry-go-round in the outfield that can throw the baseball around. Also, giant shoes fall down from the terrace, hitting outfielders. You can play the minigame Mall Cart Derby here.
  2. Ocean Dome: An underwater dome owned by Hedgehog Dude. If you hit the baseball too high, it hits the glass and comes back down. Also, schools of anthro-fish run around the outfield, knocking down any character in its path. You can play the minigame Whack-A-Whale here.
  3. Stratus Stadium: A cloud-covered area owned by Hedgehog Dude and Tails the Fox. There are clouds in the air everywhere. When a ball hits the clouds, they fly off in a random direction. White clouds can go away, but the light blue clouds are permanent.
  4. Emerald City Megadome:
  5. Team Ultimate's Underground Stadium: An underground dome stadium built by Jawbreaker the Cat for Team Ultimate to play sports in.

Story ModeEdit

You can choose to play on the Sun Side or the Moon side. There are eight teams on each side. You have to play against each team 4 times (because there are 28 games in the season), and if you beat enough teams, you advance to the Finals, where the 6 best teams compete to see who faces Eggman's Assaultors in the final game of the postseason. If you win this game, you unlock Eggman's Assaultors in Story Mode, and all the players on the team to use in all other modes.


Online GameplayEdit

Up to eighteen players can be in one game.

Home Run DerbyEdit

Every player on each team can participate for the Home Run Derby Championship Trophy.



Sonic: A blue wooden bat with his emblem and white and red grip with a gold endcap.

Tails: A yellow wooden bat with his emblem and red and white grip with a sky blue endcap.

Knuckles: A red wooden bat with his emblem and yellow and green grip. The endcap is gray.

Jawbreaker the Cat: A matte black wooden bat with flames on it and a metallic gray endcap.

Silver: A very light gray wooden bat with his emblem and gold grip with a metallic gold endcap with a cyan ring on it.

Lightning Dude: A matte black wooden bat with green lightning bolts on it, and a green endcap.

Jawbreaker the Hedgehog: A metallic silver wooden bat with red accents and black grip. His bat resembles a samurai sword, hence his ninja occupation.

Rex: An orange wooden bat with a white checkerboard pattern and purple grip.

Road to the MajorsEdit

This mode is when you create your own character. You choose whether they're on the Sun or Moon side.  You then enter them in the Minor League. You play 3 games until the Draft Day, when you get drafted to one of the teams.


  • Skye Barlowe and OmoChao are the announcers for the game.