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Hedgehog Dude shows an example of his stupidity.
Hedgehog Dude is a protagonist/antagonist of this series. He has flip-outs, caused by his traumatic days in the war, where he developed pre/post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociative identity disorder.

Football careerEdit

College football (NCAA)Edit

Hedgehog Dude (NCAA Stats)
Receptions Unknown
Receiving Yards Unknown
Yards per Reception Unknown
Receiving TDs Unknown
Receptions per Game Unknown
Receiving Yards per Game Unknown
Carries Unknown
Rushing Yards Unknown
Rushing TDs Unknown
Yards per Carry Unknown
Carries per Game Unknown
Rushing Yards per Game Unknown

Hedgehog Dude was recruited by the Michigan Wolverines to play college football, he set a single-season record for receiving yards in a season with 3,044 receiving yards, he later accepted the offer from Ohio State head coach Earle the Hedgehog. H.D. became a consensus All-Mobius selection after his junior season, Ohio State's first All Mobian at wide receiver.

H.D. had intended to play both football and basketball at Ohio State, but decided to focus on football after making an immediate impact his sophomore year. That year he set a Rose Bowl record with nine receptions for 172 yards.

H.D. was known for great hands/speed, running precise routes, and for acrobatic leaps. He had remarkable body control and footwork when making catches near the sidelines. At the Citrus Bowl at the end of the 3185 season, H.D. caught a ball that quarterback Jim Karsatos the Hedgehog was intending to throw away (out of bounds). Jim has claimed that catch by H.D. was the greatest in the history of college football: "When I finally saw it on film, he was tiptoeing the sidelines and he jumped up and caught the ball left-handed by the point of the football at least a yard out of bounds. Then he somehow levitated back in bounds to get both his feet in bounds. I swear to this day he actually levitated to get back in bounds. When I saw it on film, it just blew me away." Also, that season when he made the catch, he led the league in receiving yards (1,961) by a wide margin.

Despite playing one season, H.D. left Ohio State holding the school record for single-season receiving yards. In 2000, he was selected as a member of the Ohio State Football All-Century Team. In 2003, he was inducted into the Ohio State Varsity Hall of Fame.

W.A.R (Weaponized Animal Regiment)Edit

Hedgehog Dude's entire war story is unclear, except he had a notable war-mate named Scratch, who was into his second year of war. He was shown to constantly twitch during safe days and nights, and would attack, or kill his teammates unexpectedly during the night, with no one noticing, not even Hedgehog Dude himself remembering what he did, even more scarier, some incidents resulted in mysterious disappearances. It is currently unknown whether he retired from the army or if the W.A.R.